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Spiral Time: Where We Come From

"The gods send thread for the web begun"
                                             - Lief Smith


Adena is a network for weaving together several threads of research, community, and action:
  •  a "networking organization" providing a venue for organizations and individuals to connect and collaborate.

  • a "community-based research institute," pursuing issues and inquiries which emerge from and inform the work of creating sustainable communities.

  • a "storyteller's collaborative" to gather and share those ways in which individuals, communities, businesses, researchers and others are learning in the course of building sustainability.
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Welcome to now:
The transition to sustainable societies depends on the comprehensive adoption of sustainable practices by the majority of institutions and individuals in communities worldwide.
Adena is dedicated to accomplishing these transitions in ways which are democratic, equitable, ecological, and economically achievable.
No more Pilot Projects:
Adena nurtures projects which are capable of rapidly moving communities as a whole towards sustainability.
Towards this end, Adena undertakes research, education, communications, networking, community building and infrastructure development projects.
Adena projects support methods through which the majority of people and organizations can map out and achieve successful transitions to sustainability.
You can learn more about the history of Adena by looking through this legacy site, our founding Mission Statements and Archives.

The Adena Institute is a sponsored project of the Non-Profit Service Center, a 501(c)3 corporation.
The Adena Center was incubated through a joint Memorandum of Understanding with Webster University Louisville in 2006-2008.  The Center is now an independent spin off project, continuing to sponsor events and programs.
Since 2013 Adena has operated as a consultative sustainability and communication services organization. 
Please Contact us to explore further opportunities.
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